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Fashion Friday: Designer Spotlight on Yellow Clover

This week on Fashion Friday, I want to feature new looks from Yellow Clover by Sarah Elizabeth. This was one of my favorite collections from Style Week and I just had to share them with you.

“Yellow Clover by sarah elizabeth is a collection of unique, statement making pieces. Sarah aspires to create unique garments that people look at and love but are not quite sure why. She focuses on designing clothing for ladies who do crossword puzzles in ink and live each day one at a time. The Yellow Clover lady is one who searches for clothing that will not only express her unique personality but is also functional and comfortable. Discover each garment’s exquisite hand detailing, true quality craftmanship, and the full story behind each item…”

In 2007, armed with a diploma in fashion design from Helen Lefeaux, Sarah Prost dove straight into designing for her company, Yellow Clover by sarah elizabeth. She believes beauty includes playfulness and thus creates garments that are lively, whimsical, and carry a feminine, vintage feel. She has been known to re-work pieces into something completely new and utilizes retro prints, fabrics, and notions. Known for her true quality craftsmanship, Sarah mixes exquisite hand detailing and a flirty style fused with innovation.

Yellow Clover by sarah elizabeth has been featured in numerous publications ranging from newspapers to fashion magazines. She has showcased her one-of-a-kind statement pieces at The Wearable Art Awards in Vancouver, BC, StyleWeek Providence, and The Liberty Hotel.

Sarah Prost is also the winner of the Ovations for the Cure’s Teal Dress Challenge for which she designed a teal dress for charity.

So cute!

LOVE this one:

Just beautiful!

Congratulations Sarah.. what a gorgeous collection!




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