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iPhone Photo Apps {Paula Dias Photography}

We all live on our phones and with the quality of lenses that come with the iPhone and android devices, many of us are using them as our main camera devices. There are so many filters, editing tools, and sharing features that it is hard to keep track of all of them. Below are 10 iPhone photo apps that might be worth checking out that I found on GeekSugar.

1. LensLight ($1)

Simple and user-friendly, LensLight offers customizable lighting effects. Add multicolored spotlights, glints, light leaks, or bokeh to boost your standard snaps.


2. DMD Panorama ($2)

The extra social features of DMD Panorama make it stand out from the crowd. See where others have taken panoramic shots nearby and share the finished product with friends as an immersive 3D viewer.

3. Hipstamatic ($2)

The hip choice for filtered pics, Hipstamatic brings digital photography back to an analog state of mind. Choose from a number of built-in features or purchase your faves in the in-app filter store.

4. iPhoto ($5)

Since you’re taking most of your photos on an iPhone these days, Apple is making sure you have the same editing experience on the go as you would when sitting down to desktop iPhoto — with some multitouch enhancements. Gestures do all the work in the new iPhoto; just touch the specific part of the photo you want to enhance. Slide color contrasts up, pinch-zoom to focus on friends, or get artsy with the brush tool and paint away harsh lighting. Flag images for side-by-side comparison before deciding which photo makes the cut. Dozens of effects are included as swatch books to create black-and-white, vintage, watercolor, and tilt-shift images. Share the final photo product with friends across social networks, between iPhone and iPad, to the new Apple TV, or as photo journals, all customized within iPhoto itself.



5. Color Splash ($1)

Taking a step away from photo filters, Color Splashallows you to color in (or take away color) areas on your snapped image. The result is a unique perspective on an otherwise run-of-the-mill photo.

6. Diptic ($1)

Let your images tell a more in-depth story withDiptic, which allows you to group your images together in a plethora of different editorial-style layouts. Adjustments and editing tools help you perfect your look.

7. NewsBooth ($1)

Treat your daily photo captures as the breaking news they are with the News Booth app. It’s simple to create your own breaking news template: choose an existing photo on your phone or take a new one, crop it to fit the NewsBooth template, add your own headline, then opt to share it on Facebook or Twitter.


8. PhotoSync ($2)

PhotoSync wirelessly transfers your photos from your mobile device (iPhone or iPad) to your desktop, or from iOS to iOS device, and even directly to your online Dropbox. Probably a life-changer.

9. Bokeh Booth ($1)

This basic, straightforward app is all about adding bokeh to your photos. It’s best to do more complex editing with another app, then use Bokeh Booth to choose between hearts, stars, or basic circles for your bokeh shapes.

10. More Beauté2 (Free)

More Beauté2 smooths out the skin in portraits. Gives your subjects a “model-like” glow.

11. Instagram (Free)

Oops, couldn’t resist one more! Instagram has taken the world by storm, and withFacebook’s recent acquisition of the company, we’ll be seeing so much more of it. Beautiful and free filters, easy uploading, and a huge community make this a must-have app on your iOS or Android device.


Have you used any of these? Which one is your favorite? Or is there another photo app that you would recommend? I would love to know!



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